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Taking away the drum

You play that drum so well. I can feel every beat pulsating through my veins. Never felt anything else like it. So i never thought anything of it. You look so happy playing it. Then you broke the drum one day and you didn’t care. You just moved on and went to play another one. Never tended to it nor did anything about it. You played that drum so well, so i fixed it for you. So that you would go back to playing with it. Sad truth. I never was happy again after that. You kept playing that drum with no care that you could cause another tear. So i hid that drum from you. And you didn’t care. 

That’s when i learned, you didn’t care. 

Cuz that drum wasn’t a snare, it was my heart. 

You played my heart so good… i was delusional the entire time. 

But you didn’t care. You never did. That’s why i took the drum away and now you will never play it again. 


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