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Circle Of Life

Round and Round we go. Where will I end up, I don’t know. No control, just going with the flow. Letting God take the wheel and take over me. 

No Map, no Gps, No cellphone. Just letting loose and go with the flow. 

Will i be deceived, maybe. Will i be misled, i don’t know? May it lead to success, hopefully. Will it bring happiness? Will it bring me what i desire?  

All of these question will be answered but its not just going about it willy nilly but making life worth while in the process. The process, the circle of life. 

What we do and how we handle everything thrown at us is the test of our true character. The entity of us within, our soul. 

How you live your life is what your life will be. Breathe and live life and never remain down. Even when you fall down, simply just get off the ground. 

Have 3 L’s; Live, Laugh and Love. 

That’s the Circle of Life. 


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My Loyalty

I’m loyal. Deathly loyal.

It will be the death of me. But its not something that I’m going to change of me.

It my greatest strength and my greatest flaw.

Im loyal through it all.

Through good times and through bad times, I am consistent with my loyalty.

I will always be there for you no matter what.

Why bother though?

God placed me here to help people.

Yes, I get tired of the Bs but I over look it

Why bother?

Cuz im geniuine, positive, and ambitious.

God & Karma are my guides, teaching to always strive and to do unto others.

Even when others don’t do unto me.

Yes, I’ve been disrespected, but that won’t let me down.

My loyalty has no bounds and sure as hell does a lot of leaps that how I get around.

But no matter what, through it all, I will be loyal till the day I fall. 

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Success is Earned

Success isn’t given, it’s earned on the track, in the gym, in the library, with blood, sweat, and the occasional tear. Nonetheless it’s worth it all in the end. ~JRP2~

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The Movement

Conscious transformation as a person. More aware of what I do, and how I do it.
Ultimately building myself up to the outer limits few will know or see.
Gaining confidence and immediately uplifting myself as I prove to myself and others my worth on this earth.

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The Tormented Soul

A tormented soul can never be seen.
IT lies deep in the belly of the of the beast.
Sad to say but that beast is me.

Success in different areas.
Duress everywhere.

Never know how it all starts but it all leads to somewhere.
Channeling your mind to many areas of the unknown.
It feels sooo very stone cold.
A Journey that many people never know.
Many avoid, but its inevitable if you want to achieve inner peace.
Seek the release and set your soul free.


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CLEO Summer 2012 at Ole Miss

Dedicated to my CLEO Brothers & Sisters 

6 Weeks at Ole Miss,
I was rather scared,
It hope it was a hit and not a miss.

Discovered it was in Oxford,
It prayed it would be like London,
That was a miss,
it had the Square and that was just about it.

The people are from everywhere from Ny to Cali and everywhere in between.
Coming together was beautiful,
Learning from each other was excellent.

My computer is a mess here comes Abtin to the rescue,
A powerbar in exchange while Jaime cops a pic.

Does anyone know where Cici is?
Don’t worry, she’s feeding her kids.
There goes Kye enjoying her bacon and,
Omomah wanting to shake her thing.

I could go on and about how cool everyone is but,
one thing we all had in common that i cannot dismiss
This heat made us all a hott ass mess (southern accent)
Dysfunctional and all but it will all be missed.

The memories are endless, i them dear to my heat,
Its sad to see us all depart.

The mornings were hard, the sun was brutal.
There goes Professor Roy saying, “Good Morning CLEO Scholars” and that woke up all up.
Classes were great, grading was brutal. But we made it through all the hurdles.

Those 6 weeks were a struggle. Not that bad with Macy and Dean McCarty at the throttle.

It doesn’t stop here at all. Remember what Professor Schwartz said. “You must do this and this or this…”
O no! Its a list! Legislation taught us this. Question should we expressio unis it or ejusdem generis.
What ever the latin remember this: Veni Vidi Vici to all of it.

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Get up

You say you are determined but you’re sitting on the couch being nothing but being a slouch. OUCH.
Get up and praise God for another day, a day to be done in his name.


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