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Trust Test

We said we see each other tonight. 

Door’s left unlock for you. I crawled into bed. Closed my eyes and did my deep breath for the night’s sleep. 

I can’t wait to see you tonight. Clasping each other in our arms. 

Left my life open to the elements; of course i trust you. You never let me down.

I love you.


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There’s a Fine Line

There’s a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend;
There’s a fine, fine line between reality and pretend;
And you never know ’til you reach the top if it was worth the uphill climb.

There’s a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of time.

There’s a fine, fine line between a fairy tale and a lie;
And there’s a fine, fine line between “You’re wonderful” and “Goodbye.”
I guess if someone doesn’t love you back it isn’t such a crime,
But there’s a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of your time.

And I don’t have the time to waste on you anymore.
I don’t think that you even know what you’re looking for.
For my own sanity, I’ve got to close the door
And walk away…

There’s a fine, fine line between together and not.
And there’s a fine, fine line between what you wanted and what you got.
You gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime…

There’s a fine, fine line between LOVE
And a waste of time.

From the Musical, Avenue Q


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Circle Of Life

Round and Round we go. Where will I end up, I don’t know. No control, just going with the flow. Letting God take the wheel and take over me. 

No Map, no Gps, No cellphone. Just letting loose and go with the flow. 

Will i be deceived, maybe. Will i be misled, i don’t know? May it lead to success, hopefully. Will it bring happiness? Will it bring me what i desire?  

All of these question will be answered but its not just going about it willy nilly but making life worth while in the process. The process, the circle of life. 

What we do and how we handle everything thrown at us is the test of our true character. The entity of us within, our soul. 

How you live your life is what your life will be. Breathe and live life and never remain down. Even when you fall down, simply just get off the ground. 

Have 3 L’s; Live, Laugh and Love. 

That’s the Circle of Life. 

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My Mind

I’m Puerto Rican & Dominican
I’m 22 years old
I’m a law student
Im a singer
I’m a poet
I care too much
I love too much
I’m loyal
I’m ambitious
I’m creative
I put family first
I’m solo (All I know)
I’m God’s gift
I love attention
I can be a royal pain in the ass
I’m a light weight lol
I think too much
I’m from westchester county, ny
Live up state with ny parents
Go to law school in Ct
Can’t wait to move to the city
Street smart and book smart
I try my best
My life’s goal is to be an overall great person
I’m independent
I put people before myself
I’m changing
I’m evolving
Never been in love
Never experienced romance
God is great
I am perfect the way I am.

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The New State of Mind

Renaissance year.
The rebirth of me again. The new mindset. The new positive mindset.
Yeah, I’ve been through alot and changed alot. Grown both mentally and physically in a quick amount of time. It take alot more to bring me down. Haters will always try to bring me down. But the hater will never be on my mind. It’s straight up positivity all around me. Gods child back on the rise. I adore life, my liberties and my new pursuit of happiness. New love in my life. New people too. No manual purge this time. It was just automatic. Always grateful for everything in my life. That will never change. I still have my old positive tendencies. The better part of me. Whole and one. In sync, in balance, in control. Life is soo much better. New vision, a new prescription. Uplifting and always ready in position. Ave Maria, Angus dei. Sanctus, Gloria in excelsis deo. Al signor.
Grateful to thee. Never doubted you for one second. Blessed to have improve my relationship with you. Sorry I made jealous. But now that we are together with your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. I know that through you was the only way. I’m back. I am reborn. Now what did I miss?

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Back to the beginning

Back to Square 1, yeah that’s cool. Feel like I’ve seen this over and over again. Back where I started. Deja vu. Going in a circle over and over again. Why can’t i break it? Faced with it all  again. The same dilemma, trifling all again. 

No matter what i do, no matter what i say. I still end up doing the same mistakes. A lesson i guess i haven’t learned. A lesson i hope to soon attain. 

Pause. I don’t need to do it again. Stop right there before its tracks on before it commences. Guess who taking over the reins, and just learned that lesson. Its a true blessing that i can escape it and not mess it up all over again. Got to start somewhere, lets start at the beginning and piece it together, where it first commenced. 

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