My Loyalty

I’m loyal. Deathly loyal.

It will be the death of me. But its not something that I’m going to change of me.

It my greatest strength and my greatest flaw.

Im loyal through it all.

Through good times and through bad times, I am consistent with my loyalty.

I will always be there for you no matter what.

Why bother though?

God placed me here to help people.

Yes, I get tired of the Bs but I over look it

Why bother?

Cuz im geniuine, positive, and ambitious.

God & Karma are my guides, teaching to always strive and to do unto others.

Even when others don’t do unto me.

Yes, I’ve been disrespected, but that won’t let me down.

My loyalty has no bounds and sure as hell does a lot of leaps that how I get around.

But no matter what, through it all, I will be loyal till the day I fall. 


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