The New State of Mind

Renaissance year.
The rebirth of me again. The new mindset. The new positive mindset.
Yeah, I’ve been through alot and changed alot. Grown both mentally and physically in a quick amount of time. It take alot more to bring me down. Haters will always try to bring me down. But the hater will never be on my mind. It’s straight up positivity all around me. Gods child back on the rise. I adore life, my liberties and my new pursuit of happiness. New love in my life. New people too. No manual purge this time. It was just automatic. Always grateful for everything in my life. That will never change. I still have my old positive tendencies. The better part of me. Whole and one. In sync, in balance, in control. Life is soo much better. New vision, a new prescription. Uplifting and always ready in position. Ave Maria, Angus dei. Sanctus, Gloria in excelsis deo. Al signor.
Grateful to thee. Never doubted you for one second. Blessed to have improve my relationship with you. Sorry I made jealous. But now that we are together with your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. I know that through you was the only way. I’m back. I am reborn. Now what did I miss?


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