Perseverance and Self-Discipline

Perseverance and Self-Discipline
Those are just two words that I have learned. The two words that help me be the man that I am now. The man that is capable of anything.

No one will ever know the blood, the sweat, and the tears that I have shed to be where I am now. No one will understand the pain I’ve suffered.

Through thick and thin and with God at my side I have learned more about myself and discovered that nothing is impossible. People who say things are impossible, never even attempted at it. They stay hiding in the shadows waiting for help to come.

When all the world is looming dark, And things seem not so clear, just preserve and discipline yourself and a champion will be born.
I have finally joined the line of Champions. The elite class of men that know that nothing is impossible.
Now that I have created my legacy; “Who’s next? Will it be you?”


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