My Official Cry for Help

Isolated, everything is so complicated.
I can’t take it.
This is something that I never seen or coordinated.
My heart is palpitating.
I’m tired of all the mind numbing collaborating

I try to be my best but my best seem to never satisfy me.
I try to reach higher and lift myself to the sky to see what is all around me
But what surrounds me is pain and misery.
My eyes are clouded with all the pain I see.
Someone please help me.

I cry, I scream but no one comes to rescue me.
This is a journey that I never intended to be.
Time to reconnect with who I am meant to be.
This is a shame for me to be the way I am being.

A Gentlemen I am, with a mask that I’ve been wearing too long.
That length of time has hurt and prevented me from writing many songs.
Time for me to get on that stage and sing my heart’s song.
To sing about the pain that I have been holding on for too long.
It’s time to move on.


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September 19, 2012 · 11:54 pm

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