Lesson Learned

Dedicated to W”R”B

Everyday i Learn from you Every day we learn from each other Uplifting God. Uplifting Each other
Days go On and on/but i can’t stop thinking about you. Life feels so much better ever since I met you.
You’VE open my eyes to many things. And Treat me with respect like i’ve never seen.
Humility and non judgement, and greater things.
I know we’ve only met once but i feel it was just enough
To know that our paths were destined to cross, but its a path i am not aware of.
I never seen any direction for this path nor ever heard of it before. But i know its a path to greater things and great things have already come.
I poured my heart to you cuz i couldn’t hold it in anymore but after i did that i felt so much better.
I’m not disappointed. My heart still beats the same and the feeling hasn’t gone away I just learned another great thing.

Patience is a virtue and a virtuous thing it is.



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