Pulling myself out. I just don’t have the time. I don’t want to cry.
Everytime i see your face i can’t breathe, i just can’t handle the lies. What will never be. You deceived me, you played me.
Last time i check my heart is like the Olympic Games but you can barely obtain Bronze and my heart is platinum, one that you can never attain.
I’m pulling the plug. God just picked up the phone on this dial-up connection we had.
My server is overloaded  time for me to purge it.  Good bye to all our memories and no i didn’t back them cuz you seriously effed up.
Wifi no longer works cuz i am walking so far away.
Good day today and get the hell out of my way.
I’m pulling that GPS out of me and not worrying where you are, that satellite is crashing.
Google won’t work for you cuz i’ll make sure you can’t search for me.
My phone isn’t working, it fell down the toilet just like what we had.
Force shutdown, no restart, no care for whats inside. (AOL voice) GoodBYE!



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