The Glory (Lyrics by Miss. Mykie & Keys and Ink Production, Edited by Your’s Truly!)

I don’t want the glory.
I just want to be your motivation
Some inspiration for you to be amazing
With some more shine; there gonna be some more hatting
So why are you plotting on my downfall?
Cause im hitting home runs and you hitting ground balls.

I can’t take it…sick of this faking
They don’t really want to see me make it…NO!
Where they do that at? They ain’t what I am about.
I Run the Town. You just run your mouth.

Im gonna shine. I’m on mine
So don’t you ever treat me like I don’t grind.
Cause you know I hustle, EVERYDAY in a major way

This right here goes out to all my enemies.
Just know you ain’t offending me.
Cause you know I got the remedy to all that negativity
Its that positive energy!

They try to count me out. You better count me in.
Blood, Sweat, & Tears… You’re looking at a champion!
I play to win but these haters want me to lose like the Lakers did.
One day they going to believe us.
Go ahead and hate, hell they hated on jesus.
Who you think you psyching?
Acting like you don’t like me. Bashing my name in the public.

Ain’t no body blocking me and Ain’t no body stopping me.
I make it for what God got for me. Living down my prophecy.
Yeaaahhh and I know when I am in the game it ain’t FAIIIIR
Cause I’m Charlie Sheen on the microphone, I’m Wining, WINING, WINING, WINING!!!!!

Yo no comprende with that losing. Who you thinking fooling?
You better salute me. I earn my stripes like Adidas.
I got my own style, own lane.
Say I don’t burn up the Game with propane. Say I won’t!


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